Zylon Pbo Super Fiber

Constructed from the most advanced high modulus carbon composite materials.

Featuring “Zylon-Hybrid Interply Technology” that integrates exotic PBO Super Fibers into the shaft structure for unparalleled feel and stability.


Every Grandura shaft features Zylon PBO Super Fiber, the world's strongest synthetic fiber. This amazing, exotic material is integrated into the entire length of the structure by utilizing Matrix interply technology. With unique damping qualities and almost twice the strength and modulus of Kevlar , this nexgen super fiber adds incredible strength while optimizing feel and stability-unlike any other shaft on the market.


Unique Grandura Golf Technologies:

OPO – Optimal Play Orientation

Optimal Play Orientation (OPO) involves combining the ideal design (ply patterns), premium material types, and clocking configurations in such a way that yields more consistent shafts than anything in the market today.

MET – Maximum Energy Transfer

Maximum Energy Transfer (MET) refers to the optimization of each design and the fit of that design for optimal launch and spin characteristics. When launch and spin conditions are optimized, a player achieves maximum distance and improved accuracy.